Recent Before & After Photos

Social Hall

All types of structures can be damaged due to a water loss. We have helped homes, churches, clothing stores, and even family venues. We were called to this soci... READ MORE

Team Work

When a massive storm hits an area, we always try to lend a hand. With the past few years, hurricanes have been devastating large areas. We sent a small crew to ... READ MORE

Stormy weather!

Storm mitigation is typically a process. We want to help as many people as possible but also be very efficient. When we arrived on this site, our team began wor... READ MORE

Storms in Statesboro

We had a rough storm a few months back. A local store called us due to their door being blown open and rain water was running into the building. When we receive... READ MORE

Water Damage in the Walls

A homeowner noticed some spots showing up on her walls. She did not think much about it until water began to drip out of the air vents. We were called to inspec... READ MORE

Fire Damages Home in Statesboro

SERVPRO of Statesboro responded to a homeowner in need. As you can see this was a horrific fire that occurred in this home. Luckily, the family that lives here ... READ MORE

Water damage to your carpet

When a water loss happens in a home, especially near the bedrooms, typically carpet is affected. This house was flooded due to the bathroom adjacent to this bed... READ MORE

Water in your Rented Apartment

We responded to a call early Tuesday morning. A Georgia Southern student woke up to water spilling onto the floor. A pipe had broken. The pipe began spewing wat... READ MORE

Rental Property Carpet Cleaning, Statesboro, Ga.

Being a college town, we have many carpet cleanings for rental properties. This rental property in Statesboro had some tenants move out and left some stains beh... READ MORE

Bathroom Cleanup

All too often, people experience tremendous life changing events that can start them down the road of hoarding or collecting. This example is of an unsanitary d... READ MORE